Tuesday, August 29, 2006

1999 Mori LGO survey, Question 43

The following question was asked by Mori during their 1999 survey.

Q43. Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied were you with the final outcome of your complaint - I mean just the actual final outcome of your complaint, and not the overall way in which your complaint was dealt with by the Ombudsman?

Fairly satisfied 9
Very satisfied 13
Fairly dissatisfied 12
Very dissatisfied 61
Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied 3
No opinion 2

Total number of dissatisfied complainants 73%
Total number of satisfied complainants 21%

That's nearly three and a half times as many complainants were dissatisfied with the final outcome of their complaint than those who were satisfied.

Did the LGO improve their service or has it got much worse? For some unknown reason they decided against having another quantative survey, so their are no later figures to confirm the answer to that question one way or another.

I think we know the reason why they decided not to have another quantitive survey don't we!

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