Friday, August 25, 2006

More LGO smoke and mirrors

Another example of the LGO trying to burying the truth?

The Local Government Ombudsman state in their latest annual review

‘The average cost per complaint in 2005/06 was £640 . This was 1.9 per cent more than the cost per complaint in 2004/05 when inflation is taken into account. The main reason for this was the increased costs of pension fund and National Insurance contributions’.

1.9% of £640 is only £12.16 and doesn’t seem a lot of money. The truth is that the Local Government Ombudsman dealt with over 18,626 complaints last year and that makes it £226, 492.

Close to quarter of a million pounds just to cover the increased costs of their pensions and national insurance contributions.

The question is why didn’t the Local Government Ombudsman put it that way, did the amount shock them so much that they had to resort to devious tactics to reduce the impact?

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