Saturday, August 12, 2006

Update on my complaint

On the 30th May 2006 I posted a comment on the Ombudsman's decision to comeback on my case. Click here to read that post.

During 2002 an Assistant Ombudsman simply rang up a County Council Solicitor and accepted everything they said without any sort of validation. The Assistant Ombudsman even refused to tell me what they had discussed. Evidence to prove the Solicitor was misleading him was available but he refused to look at it. Even more worrying, however, is the fact that the Solicitor he talked to was the one I was complaining about. As a result I have been attempting to get the Ombudsman to comeback on my case since 2002. All because the Assistant Ombudsman did not adhere to the rules of natural justice and tried to bury my complaint for benefit of the County Council.

Since May 2006 I have been told that my complaint has now been submitted to the Councils for their formal response. Something that should have happened in 2002 if the Assistant Ombudsman was doing his job properly. To date I am still waiting for the Councils' response. Click here to read my 2002 complaint.

I will post further details when I receive any more news.

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