Saturday, September 16, 2006

6 Months to provide a remedy?

In the Local Government Ombudsman's 2005/6 annual report they state that councils are allowed 6 months to provide the remedy for their acts of maladministration. Presumably before the LGO take further action and issue a second report.

The LGO issued a report into my original complaint during October 1998. To date (16/9/2006) the council has still not provided the remedy and the Ombudsman has still not taken any further action. In fact during 2002 following the submission of another complaint the Ombudsman ended her involvement with my 1997/8 complaint and refused to investigate my 2002 complaint.

Six months! I've been waiting 8 years. Their report is nothing more than a load of smoke, mirrors and spin to further their own evangelical agenda.

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