Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ex LGO shows true colours!

Pat Thomas who retired during 2005 wrote an article for the British and Irish Ombudsman’s Association.

Parts of her article clearly proves how sycophantic and biased Local Government Ombudsmen are. No doubt Mrs Thomas handled all the complaints over her 20 years as a Local Government Ombudsman with the same sycophantic behaviour and perverse assumptions.

For example

"One council leader told me that, although the council did not dispute my findings, he could not apologise because he would “lose face”! In that case we found a form of words which recognised the council’s fault but avoided the use of the word “sorry”.

Why did she feel the need to suck up to a Council Leader, particularly one she had clearly found at fault. I think her statement clearly shows that Local Government Ombudsmen have no professional integrity whatsoever. Can you imagine a Judge helping a convicted person in the same sycophantic way.

Another example

"Councils, however, began to develop their own complaints procedures and we began to notice that the complaints we were receiving seemed to be getting more difficult to resolve. We assumed that the easier, or more straightforward, justified complaints were being settled by councils without the need for our intervention."

This again shows how a Local Government Ombudsman’s beliefs can prejudice a complainants case. She assumed that councils were settling justified complaints. That means she must have thought that any complaint the council didn’t settle were not justified.

Now we know why complainants had so much difficulty in persuading Mrs Thomas that their complaint was justified. I know I did.

Mrs Thomas' article was published in issue 28 April 2006 of the Ombudsman the British and Irish Ombudsman's Association's newsletter.

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