Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I am not alone!

It's amazing what you turn up when you carry out a little research. I have now identified numerous other cases where residents in other areas have had similar problems to me. Many council officers are failing to protect residents by ignoring their statutory duty. In addition they are failing to take any enforcement action against local developers or even put matters right. Wonder why? Furthermore, they expect people on the site to get them out of their self created difficulties or carry on suffering.

In one case even a councillor can't get to the bottom of the problem because senior executives and other councillors continue to give him the run around. Why don't they just do their job in the first place? There is only one answer to that question and it's called a bung. (bribe, or "backhander", illicit payment made, usually to an official or person in influential position, in return for favour, information, or influence.) A developer can significantly increase their profits by persuading a council officer to play ball and not enforce planning obligations and conditions etc.

I wonder how many council staff/councillors have taken a bung from a developer then used their position to cover it up and just how big the problem really is?

What hope for the man in the street when he comes up against such a corrupt practice, particularly when we have such ineffective Local Government Ombudsmen?

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