Thursday, December 14, 2006

Another Council another long fight.

There is an article on SurreyOnline that tells of yet another person fighting a Council for 13 years in order to obtain justice.

This one is about a Council that wrongly used the courts (abuse of process) in an attempt to get its own way.

I have also been threatened with court action (abuse of power) just so the County Council can get its own way. Up to now the County Council have never followed through with their threats but if they do I intend to prove abuse of power as David Wilkinson has done.

This is just bully boy tactics by practically unaccountable councils. Let's hope that David gets the compensation he deserves.

The problem now facing David is that he appears unaware of the biased Local Government Ombudsman. They will probably just re-interpret the facts in an attempt to put forward a fallacious argument that it was all David's fault in the first place and exonerate the council.

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