Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Another anti council website!

Yet another website has been started about council maladministration. How many people have to start websites and blogs before MPs and government sit up and take notice.

I wonder how the local government ombudsman is going to explain why people now prefer to start their own website and blogs rather than turn to them for help. Could it be that the majority of complainants (98.4%) find it a complete waste of time and effort.

Click here to visit the new website

Anti council websites and blogs expose the maladministration that the local government ombudsmen try to bury.
That's why many people don't bother with ombudsmen any more.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Update by premonition

A recent letter from the Ombudsman's office appears to suggest that my earlier premonition was right.

After 10 months I still haven't been given a copy of the councils' response to my complaints and all the Ombudsman's office appear concerned with is resolving the problem for the benefit of the councils. No doubt I will be given a copy after a decisions has been taken so I can't respond with contradictory evidence.

E Government Petition

The Local Government Ombudsman Watchers Wiki Website is hosting a petition to abolish the LGO. Eventually the petition will be submitted to the E-Gov Petition website. If more than 100 people sign the petition the Prime Minister must provide a written response.

Join in and add your comments and opinions.

Please don't forget to sign the petition when it's eventually submitted.

Monday, February 19, 2007

WIKI type LGO site started.

The Shadow Local Government Ombudsman has started a wiki type site about Local Government Ombudsmen. This allows everyone to help develop the site.

Don't forget to contribute information about the LGO that may be useful to others.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Another blog started!

Another person who has suffered as a result of Council and Ombudsman maladministration has started another blog. Click here to visit.

Friday, February 02, 2007

LGOWatch News Release

LGOWatch have just published their latest News Release. For those that didn't receive a copy you can read it by Clicking here.

Reading the news release reminded me of an incident that I have experienced, I complained to a Chief Executive Officer that one of his staff had lied to me. The CEO stated that he would not investigate my complaint because I had called one of his staff a liar.

Note the CEOs defence 'attack the person who complained' rather than investigate the complaint. It would now appear that the Ombudsman intends to use the same perverse logic and argument to block valid complaints.

The Manor House fiasco

Another council (Lewisham), another fiasco and another failure of the Ombudsman to sort the problem out. Read Peter Richardson's story by clicking here.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

New LGO Forum

Join the new LGO discussion forum now.

Click here to visit the forum

Click on register to join.

Please note this new forum is now open to everyone.

I would advise you to contact trusted members back channel for private/confidential discussions.