Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mrs Trevor

Trevor is not well at the moment so he may not be able to post anything for a week or two. After his blood pressure and sugar levels are back under control he will be back with a vengeance.

In the meantime I am splitting my time between looking after Trevor and visiting my Mother

Whilst you wait for normal service to be resumed why not read how the Local Government Ombudsman is ruining what's left of my Mothers life.

Mrs Trevor

Monday, March 19, 2007

Amazing but true!

During 2001 the County Council as Highway Authority redesigned the private road next to my property. The Highway Authority should have applied for planning permission but didn't. They wrongly stated at the time that they were exempt (a lie). The reason why they couldn't apply for planning permission is because the Borough Council (as planning authority) would have had to give me neighbour notification of the planned works together with a chance to comment before planning permission could be granted. However, the Highway Authority falsified my boundary on their plans so they wouldn't have stood up to close scrutiny. In addition the plans proved they were attempting to interfere with my right of way so there was no way planning permission would have been granted.

Hence the reason why they didn't apply for planning permission. They just attempted to carry out the illegal work by wrongly stating that they were exempt.

Ironically the Ombudsman was ostensibly monitoring events during 2001 because of a 1998 finding of maladministration against the Borough Council. So the County Council actually committed numerous acts of maladministration right under the nose of the Ombudsman.

No wonder it took me until 2006 to persuade the Ombudsman to investigate events. If they find the County Council guilty of maladministration they would have to admit their monitoring of events during 2001 was woefully inadequate and was the cause of my family's 5 years of unnecessary and additional injustice. A bit like being mugged knowing the police were watching but doing nothing about it.

A difficult decision for the current Ombudsmen. Do you now find the County Council guilty of maladministration, proving that your predecessor was guilty of maladministration, or do you bury all the maladministration in an attempt to protect the integrity of your office?

Friday, March 02, 2007

One way or another the end is in sight.

I have just been informed that the Ombudsmen is close to producing a provisional decision on my 2001 complaints. That means that a final decision will not be far behind. As soon as I have the final decision I will be able to complete my story and publish the full facts.

However, my provisional view is that my premonition was correct because the ombudsman appears to be trying to stuff me for the benefit of the council.

Whilst you wait for my final explosive update about the Local Government Ombudsman why not read what one of my relatives has had to endure.

I still find it difficult to accept that the ombudsman can reach a provisional decision when I haven't yet seen the evidence they are going to rely on let alone been given the opportunity to controvert it. I think that proves the ombudsman is not interested in the the rules of law and the concept of natural justice.

How an earth can an ombudsman's assert they're impartial whilst refusing to show one party to the argument the evidence they are going to rely on when reaching their decision. I appreciate I may eventually be able to see the evidence but it's a bit late after they have taken a provisional decision and had the view coloured by evidence which may well be flawed.