Friday, May 04, 2007

It's a kind of magic!

Further to my last post. How does the council manage to give the illusion that they can complete a ramp with a gradient of 1 in 12 when in reality the best they could ever achieve is 1 in 7.6 (and that's before any drains and transitions are taken into account.) Easy, they just use part of the gradient to pull off their illusion.

Here's how the trick it works, instead of quoting the gradient for the full length of the ramp they just quote the gradient for part of the ramp. What they don't explain is that the rest of the ramp has to have a gradient of 1 in 2.5 in order to to pull off their trick.

A cross sectional plan would prove how the council has bent reality but in spite of numerous requests I have still not been given one. A magician uses an attractive assistant to distract the observer, however, the council's favourite is to introduce a number of irrelevant issues in an attempt distract the observer.

This simple trick appears to have fooled the Ombudsman's office for nearly 6 years, which makes me wonder if the ombudsman is in fact part of the act, a kind of stooge to give credibility to the council's illusion. Only time will tell but if an average ten year old child can understand how the council illusion works why is the Ombudsman's office having so much difficulty?

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