Wednesday, June 06, 2007

10th Anniversary

It's the 10th anniversary of the Local Government Ombudsman's involvement with my case.

Some observers suggest Local Government Ombudsmen are incompetent, some that they are impotent, others go as far as suggesting that they collude with Councils to bury or derail complaints of maladministration.

However, whatever the reason there can be no argument that Local Government Ombudsmen are totally ineffective.

As a taxpayer I also suffer a doubly whammy. My taxes contributes towards the Local Government Ombudsman's £11 million pound annual running costs and my local property taxes contribute towards Local Government. As a result I help support the Council that caused the injustice through maladministration and the Local Government Ombudsman who does nothing about it. Now that's what I call injustice!

Please don't forget to sign the petition , why should we pay for ineffective Local Government Ombudsmen.

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