Thursday, June 28, 2007

A lie (maladministration) by any other name

It's amazing how many times an Ombudsman will excuse Councils under investigation over their lies and misrepresentations. What chance has a complainant got when Council lies (maladministration) are dismissed by the Ombudsman as 'innocent mistakes' or 'a simple misunderstanding'.

This has happened to me on numerous occasions during the Ombudsman's 10 year involvement with my complaints. Blatant lies by Council staff have been dismissed by the Ombudsman as innocent mistakes or simple misunderstandings.

When I questioned this policy the Ombudsman's office stated 'A Council wouldn't lie to us, would they?'.

Are Local Government Ombudsmen naive or biased?
They must be one or the other to maintain a policy of believing the Council no matter what they say!
For another example of Council lies, sorry misunderstandings, read the article on the River and Lake Swimming Association website about the Local Government Ombudsman.

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