Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sign the metric martyr petition

Steve Thorburn was entrapped by undercover Council officials. He sold goods in metric or imperial weights, as customers desired, and sold the Council official some bananas for 40p at 25p a pound. Arrested by two policeman (in a city where real crime is out of control) and then prosecuted, he suffered the indignity of a criminal conviction for pursuing an honest living and supporting his young family. This honest man was given a criminal record & then faced bankruptcy if he pursued his case to appeal as Sunderland Council threatened to pursue full costs. Before he completed his protest he died of a heart attack. Since then, Europe has decided that imperial measurements aren't so bad! But this decision came too late for Mr Thorburn.

The petition asks the Prime Minister to obtain a Royal Pardon for him and give his family peace of mind. (Please click here and sign it now!)

Please note!

The Metric Martyr petition has disappeared, however, on the 9th April 2007 the following appeared on the Number 10 website.

Asked whether Government considered that the conviction of the greengrocer Stephen Thoburn benefited the public, the PMS said that it showed the legislation which had been introduced in 1994 was valid. He pointed out that legislation required all goods sold loose by weight to be sold in metric units after 31 December 1999. It was based on an EU Directive of 1989 which had become legislation in 1994. This Government had given a 10-year extension to 2009 for produce to be advertised in metric and imperial units.

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