Friday, July 13, 2007

A tale of two Ombudsmen: Part 2

Why can one Local Government Ombudsman find maladministration in six months whilst another can't find it after six years? Because Local Government Ombudsmen are only interested in resolving problems for the benefit of their friends in Local Authorities.

Most people know that Local Government Ombudsmen use a battery of tactics to block or derail complaints but many don't realise that they also have a tactic to deal with those complaints that they can't divert. That's the tactic used by the Coventry Ombudsman in the case below, find the Local Authority guilty of maladministration but only award a few paltry pounds compensation to the complainant for all the misery and injustice. As far as the Ombudsman is concerned that is an end to the matter, job done, no more problems for their friends in the Local Authority.

However, what if that was not the end of the matter?

That is the reason why the York Office still haven't found maladministration after six years. They know that the award of a paltry few pounds for maladministration wouldn't end the matter it would still leave their friends in the Local Authority with a significant problem. And that's why my complaints are taking so long to resolve, nothing to do with the difficulty in finding maladministration and everything to do with finding a way out of the situation for their friends in the Local Authority.

I have suffered an additional six years of injustice just because the York Ombudsman's office are having difficulty engineering a solution more favourable, and hence more acceptable, to their friends in the Local Authority.

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