Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A tale of two Ombudsmen

Coventry: An innocent woman was wrongly given an ASBO by Manchester City Council. The Local Authority in question never validated the allegations or even bothered to put them to the woman before issuing the ASBO. It took the woman three months to get the ASBO overturned and a further three months before the case was withdrawn following an internal review. Local Government Ombudsman, Jerry Wright found Manchester City Council guilty of maladministration, ordered them to pay the woman £2000 and told them to review their procedures. The Ombudsman stated that this was an abuse of power of nightmarish proportions.

York: Cheshire County Council created a plan that was technically and legally impossible to implement. The Local Authority in question never validated their plans before trying to implement them. They also blocked any independent scrutiny of them by failing to obtain the necessary planning permission. They even lied about their need to obtain planning permission. I was also blocked when I tried to bring this to the attention of local councillors. See my posting below. This all happened in 2001 but after six years, not six months as in the case above, the York Ombudsman has still not reached any conclusions.

I say, look at the facts, it was clearly an abuse of power of nightmarish proportions.

Keeping me waiting six years for a determination of my complaint is just more abuse by a different authority.

A further posting will explain why I think the Coventry Ombudsman managed to reach a conclusion after six months but the York Ombudsman still hasn't reached a conclusion after six years.

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