Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Every now and again you come across a story so outrageous that it's impossible to believe.

Denise Robertson - ITV This Morning, stated
'the Sheer scale of the injustice is far worse than anyone can imagine'. So what's behind all this injustice? You've guessed it, none other than Social Services, yet another ineffective Local Authority institution that is governed by incompetent officials but perversely protected by Government. Just how bad do things have to be before MPs stand up against this sort of outrage!

Families Anti-Social Service Inquiry Team (Fassit) website explains more

Remember Social Service's next victim could be you!


  1. I am next victim,,entered into a care plan that could never be,,social services gave care plan 4 family court saying i would be main carer 4 my son,,whilst proving i could control my partner,,which they cud never honour,, due to on going criminal case 4 neglect against her at crown,,after 6 months living with my son and passing parent assessment,,, there tryin to take him 21st and blaming me not prioritising him,,sad world we live in

  2. They did similar to me ex wife who has been caring for our Granddaughter for 2 years, saying she is given all the love needed and being cared for well,after 8 court hearings and judges keeping our granddaughter with her grandmother,the ss stated that my ex wife may give our granddaughter back to her mother.
    They said that our daughter may be given priority over the grandchild IN THE FUTURE, IT HAD NOT HAPPENED IN THE LAST 2 YEAR'S.

    PLEASE LOOK AT AND SIGN MY PETITION and get any help you can from family and friends

  3. our grandchildren are also victims of social services being removed from our care due to their parents withdrawing consent for us to look after them (apparently on social services advice )and placed with foster carers who do not know them and could not possibly love them like our family they
    had two grandparents a auntie and uncle all loving and caring for them they were clean, warm and well feed all the things they were removed from their parents from as they could not provide this they were living in a dirty filthy hovel even the social workers said they had not seen anywhere this bad my granddaughter described having to walk around vomit on the floor the toilet was so dirty you could not see the colour of the bowl and the bedding on the parents and babys bed were so dirty you could not tell what colour they were. why were the parents not prosecuted for neglect