Tuesday, August 21, 2007

It's justice we want!

In their special report: Local Partnerships and Citizen Redress

Local Government Ombudsmen state '
Complainants.... want their complaint resolved and they want it resolved quickly'. [my emphasis]

If Local Government Ombudsmen know what a complainant wants, then why don't they provide it? It's no good telling everyone else then ignore it themselves. I have been waiting patiently for them to resolve my complaint for over ten years now. The Bachins had to wait 14 years.

However, I don't think the primary aim of any complainant is for their complaint to be resolved quickly. Mine has always been to secure justice by ensuring that the authority who committed the act of maladministration complained about is held to account. Put simply I want justice! and if that takes twenty years to obtain then I will wait twenty years.If the Ombudsman can't do their job in a reasonable amount of time then that's their problem not mine. They are the ones looking like incompetent and impotent idiots not me.

Local Government Ombudsmen only suggest that
'complainants want their complaint resolved quickly' as an excuse to impose local settlements. A well known method used by Local Government Ombudsmen to bury complaints. However, this is for the the benefit of the authority concerned and usually without the agreement of the complainant.

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