Friday, August 24, 2007

Open letter to MORI

An open letter for the attention of the Manager and/or Team responsible for the 2007 Local Government Ombudsman Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I was a customer of the Local Government Ombudsman during your 1999 Local Government Ombudsman Customer Satisfaction Survey. I also agreed to take part in your survey, however, after the initial approach, when I made it clear that I was very dissatisfied with the Local Government Ombudsman, no further contact was made.

During the 1999 survey some 11% of the initial sample was excluded by the Local Government Ombudsman, an unusually large number by any stretch of the imagination. Furthermore, for a professional survey organisation such as yourself, no checks and balances appear to have been made on the real reason for the exclusion of such a large group of people. I believe I was one of those excluded by the LGO.

I am also in the unique position of being a customer of the Local Government Ombudsman during your current 2007 customer satisfaction survey. However, between the two surveys I also gave evidence to the Government Select Committee's investigation into the Role and Effectiveness of the Local Government Ombudsman. One of the complaints made against the Local Government Ombudsman was that they had discontinued the 5 yearly MORI survey because of the devastating results.

Obviously I am very pleased that external pressure has now forced the Local Government Ombudsman to reintroduce the MORI Customer Satisfaction Survey but still remain very concerned that the Local Government Ombudsman will attempt to manipulate the results of this latest survey, as they appeared to have done during 1999. Unfortunately, the problems you had with the Rotherham Council Bramley traffic scheme questionnaire don't exactly instill me with confidence.

I hope my concerns are unfounded and await the survey results with interest.

Yours faithfully,

Trevor R Nunn (Customer of the Local Government Ombudsmen from June 1997 to date.)

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