Friday, August 31, 2007

Public Service News 2

There is another article in the Public-Servant-Daily. Read it in full here.

Council ditches 'too negative' ombudsman.

Trafford Council didn't agree with an Ombudsman's decision so they changed Ombudsmen. How convenient! Just a pity complainants can't do the same.

Is this what Local Government Ombudsmen call impartiality. If a Council doesn't agree with their findings then they can change Ombudsmen but if a complainant doesn't agree with their findings tough!

As far as the complaint against Trafford is concerned I think the Ombudsman was right. However, allowing the Council to publicly state they have ditched the Ombudsman because they think they are too negative just makes the system of administrative justice in this country (Local Government Ombudsmen) look like puppets of the Council.

Trafford Council: A case of 'my Ombudsman won't play ball so I am swapping Ombudsmen'. How pathetic!

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