Thursday, August 30, 2007

Public Service News

'Local government does not observe much respect for the LGO, possibly because the compensation tends to be very low. Compensation should be raised to levels where managers/priorities/budgets/jobs/ are re-assessed'

In addition to recommending compensation, the LGO should be able to recommend structural/personnel changes at management levels of local government. When local government is forced to address matters raised by the LGO, the system will begin to work as normal citizens would expect'.

Keith Brockwell - Cllr Crawley Borough Council

My comment: If local government doesn't observe much respect for the LGO (and we know complainants don't) then how can the LGO consider themselves to be a credible organisation?

Are national government aware that no one respects the LGO? Surely that's a good enough reason for scrapping the organisation?

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