Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Public Services unfit for the pupose.

The influential Public Administration Select Committee states that there is a lack of leadership at the top of the civil service and serious deficiencies in the way Whitehall carries on its business. They state that not one Government department is fit for the purpose.

Most citizens already know that the same is true of Local Government departments. One of the main reasons being the weak and ineffective watchdogs known as Local Government Ombudsmen. Whilst Local Government Ombudsmen are allowed to help Local Government bury maladministration rather than expose it there will never be any incentive to improve the situation. The same can be said about the Information Commissioner and other watchdogs.

However, the Public Administration Select Committee suggests that yet another so called 'independent watchdog' could be set up to scrutinise civil service performance.

It’s ironic how the Public Select Committee think that they can improve ineffective government departments by adding another ineffective watchdog! Will they never learn?

Looks like the Public Administration Select Committee is also unfit for the purpose!

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