Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What complainants?

The Local Government Ombudsmen have just published a special report: Local partnerships and citizen redress.

They state that the report is aimed partly at the complainants themselves, who we hope will ultimately benefit from it. [my emphasis]

We consulted widely on a draft of this report and we thank the following who responded and provided helpful suggestions:

• Association of Directors of Social Services and Association of Directors of Children’s Services (joint response)

• Audit Commission

• Chief Executives’ London Committee

• Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA)

• Council on Tribunals

• Improvement and Development Agency (I&DeA)

• Local Government Association

London Borough of Islington

• Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman

• Professor Martin Partington CBE (Law Commission)

Somerset County Council

• The Standards Board for England

We also gratefully acknowledge the input of Commission staff, especially

Peter MacMahon, in preparing this report.

Just a pity they didn't bother asking complainant's for their views!

It appears that the LGO still hold the view that organisations (the cause of the problems) know better than the citizen (the one's who suffer the injustice).

Impartial? What do you think?

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