Sunday, September 09, 2007

Another way to bury complaints?

Vale Royal Borough Council and Cheshire County Council (The Councils I submitted complaints about to the Ombudsman in March 2002) will probably cease to exist very shortly.

The Government is determined to introduce unitary Councils in Cheshire. That means at least one, but possibly both, will soon cease to exist. The Government are supposed to reach a decision in November 2007. However, they have already identified the option they prefer, two new unitary Councils, Chester City & West Cheshire Council and East Cheshire Council will take over from Cheshire County Council and the current borough Councils (including Vale Royal Borough Council).

That means that the Councils I submitted complaints about will no longer exist. Albeit most of the staff that I complained about will take up post in one or other of the two new unitary Councils.

Is this another tactic used by the LGO to protect their friends in Local Authorities? Delay investigating a complaints until the Councils complained about no longer exist.

My original 1997 complaint against Vale Royal Borough Council was derailed because Cheshire County Council took over the problem during 1998. Now a similar thing is happening again. Will Chester City and West Cheshire Council be the third Council I have to complain about and will the Ombudsman delay it long enough for them to be replaced?

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