Monday, September 10, 2007


The Local Government Ombudsman

You may look to us for justice
because of trials you face
but often we don't have the power
we need to solve your case

And then our independance
may be compromised you see
- remember we have staff who are
ex council employees

So even if we take your case
you need to realise
we don't believe that council staff
are capable of lies

And even if your grievance
is proved in every way,
you ought to know we can't enforce
whatever we might say

So if you see the years roll by
at least you're not alone,
some have fought a decade
to prove what they had known

So when you choose the LGO
to fight the case for you
just be ready for the heartache
that we will put you through

(Copyright 2007 Anna Clyne)

Warning! This verse is copyright.
I have obtained permission to reproduce it here.
If you would like permission to reproduce it, please contact:
annaclyne[please ignore black anti spambot@text]

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