Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mission Creep

An Americanism that describes what happens when, over time, powers are used to ends not stated or even imagined when something is first introduced.

It would appear that the Local Government Ombudsman is now guilty of serious mission creep.

In 1974 the Government never expected the Local Government Ombudsman to use their powers to bury maladministration. In fact the whole reason for introducing Local Government Ombudsmen in the first place was to ensure that local government maladministration was fully investigated, exposed and publicly reported.

However, some 33 years later and what have got? Local Government Ombudsmen doing exactly the opposite of what was originally intended by Government. Local Government Ombudsmen now spend over £11 million pounds of tax payers money burying 18 times as much maladministration as they now report. Mission creep? more like mission abandoned!

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