Tuesday, October 02, 2007

You take the high road!

There was an article in today's newspaper about national and local government wasting vast sums of public money. Some £100 billion pounds are wasted every year, that's about £4000 per household.

Here's one of many interesting examples. Hampshire Council spent £250,000 realigning some kerbs because they were a tenth of an inch too high.

If you ignore the vast sum of money wasted it raises and interesting point as far as my own complaint is concerned because it also involves the height of the kerbs.

The Council, the Contractors and the Developers all used measurements to an accuracy of plus or minus a fifth of an inch. However, the Ombudsman's investigator sought to persuade to me that I couldn't prove any level to an accuracy better than plus or minus 4 inch (Even though levels are already shown on most of the plans to an accuracy or plus or minus a fifth of an inch).

So how can Hampshire County Council work to an accuracy of a tenth of an inch if, as the Ombudsman's investigator asserts, my surveyor can't? Either the Ombudsman's investigator is wrong or Hampshire Council is!

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