Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Death in the family

Trevor will not be making any posts for a week or so. His mother-in- law, Amy, was taken seriously ill on Friday morning and died in hospital on Saturday. Amy's story is already on the psow.co.uk website.

Please note her closing statements.

I would like to submit a complaint but I doubt I would live long enough for the Ombudsman to resolve it! It took the Balchins over 16 years and my relatives have been waiting since 1997. So although I could live until I am 103, the odds, similar those of a complainant obtaining justice through a Local Government Ombudsman, are very slim indeed.
How true!
Please note that Amy was also the first person to sign the petition. Trevor intends to update her story and post his own as soon as he has received the final report into his 2002 complaint.

Posted on behalf of Trevor by Thomas psow.co.uk webmaster.

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