Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Who do you believe?

South Bucks District Council

The Cabinet considered a report of the Chief Executive presenting the Ombudsman’s annual statistics on complaints.

'From the Ombudsman’s annual letter it could be seen that the number of complaints had again fallen and no fault was found against the Council with any of the complaints referred. The Ombudsman states that it is a significant achievement to halve the number of complaints, from which he had concluded that “the Council’s own complaints procedure is working effectively”.

This was in contrast to the results of the recent IPSOS-MORI survey findings where a random survey of respondents gave South Bucks a relatively poor rating in terms of handling complaints. Satisfaction levels at 30% were distinctly lower than the average for Districts.'

So who is right and who is wrong, the Ombudsman or IPSOS MORI and the residents of South Bucks?

The answer is quite simple, the Ombudsman's own customer satisfaction levels were even worse than South Bucks when MORI last conducted a survey for them (1999) so I suppose the Ombudsman thinks 30% is actually quite good.

We are still waiting for the Ombudsman to publish the results of their 2007 survey. The latest figures should tell us a lot about the Local Government Ombudsman and MORI.

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