Friday, February 15, 2008

Expectations: What expectations?

The recently published LGO (Local Government Ombudsman) 'Customer Satisfaction Survey' proves that there has been no improvement in the levels of customer satisfaction with the LGO since the last comparable survey of 1999.

The excuse the LGO use, no doubt in an attempt to cover their embarrassment, is that customer expectations have increased over the last 9 years.

However, that argument is fallacious because over the same period many other public authorities have significantly increased the levels of customer satisfaction. In addition the levels of customer satisfaction with the Parliamentary Ombudsman is nearly three times that of the LGO . And finally most customers of the LGO lower rather than increase their expectations after they have submitted their complaint and experienced the LGO at first hand. Prior to 1997 I had high expectations of the LGO but after 11 years I now have little or no expectation of them.

Therefore, whilst customer expectations for other public authorities may have increased since 1999 the same can't be said of the LGO.

The only expectations customers of the LGO have is the expectation of having their complaint wrongly decided or buried altogether.

Trevor R Nunn,
A customer of the Local Government Ombudsman between 1997 and 2008.

If you think I am wrong to have such low expectations of the Local Government Ombudsmen then read my posts below and see how badly the LGO has handled my complaints over the last 11 years.

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