Saturday, February 02, 2008

Update on the chronolgy of delay.

During August 2007 I made a post called the chronology of delay. This posts updates that chronology.

Chronology to August 2007 in blue. August 2007 to date in black.

June 1997 Borough Council threaten to complete a roadway that would impact on my property.
June 1997 Submitted my first complaint to Local Government Ombudsman.
October 1998 Ombudsman produced a report and asked the council to provide a remedy. Council promise the Ombudsman that the roadway will be redesigned so it does not impact on my property.
June 2001 County Council, without the necessary planning permission, attempt to redesign and complete the roadway. Their plans prove the roadway would still impact on my property.
March 13th 2002 Submitted a second complaint to Local Government Ombudsman.
March 20th 2002 Local Government Ombudsman end their involvement (supposed to be monitoring the Councils actions) with my first complaint.
April 2002 Local Government Ombudsman refuses to investigate my second complaint.
May 2006 After an epic 4 year struggle the Local Government Ombudsman agree to 'comeback' on my 2001 complaint. Informed by Ombudsman that due to the delay my case will now receive some priority.
February 2007 Informed by Ombudsman that the provisional report was nearly ready.
August 27th 2007 Still waiting for the Council to provide a remedy for my first complaint. No provisional report into my second complaint. At this time I have still not even seen the Councils defence of my second complaint.
November 2007 Provisional report arrives at last. 9 months after it was first promised.
December 5th 2007 I submit my response to the provisional report.
February 2nd 2008 Nearly six years since submitting my second complaint and I am still waiting for the final report,
still waiting for the Council to provide a remedy for my first (1997) complaint, still waiting to see the Councils defence to my 2002 complaint and still waiting to see the expert evidence relied on by the Ombudsman.

So I have ended up with an
epic 11 year delay waiting for an Ombudsman to stop a council completing a road that would clearly impact on on my property and infringe my legal & human rights. A complaint that a five year old child would have no difficulty in understanding and resolving in weeks.

So why can't a Local Government Ombudsman?

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