Thursday, March 13, 2008


Today is the sixth anniversary of the date my second complaint was submitted to Pat Thomas, the then Local Government Ombudsman. [My first complaint was submitted in June 1997.]

My second complaint concerned the fact that the County Council was breaking an earlier promise
[1] made to her.

Essentially, whilst Mrs Thomas was supposedly monitoring the situation, regarding my first complaint, the County Council was attempting to maladminister their way out of the problem. The plan produced by the County Council clearly show the roadway would have a serious impact on my property by interfering with my right of way, trespassing on my land and infringing my human rights.

A few weeks after submitting my second complaint Mrs Thomas ended her involvement with my first complaint and refused to investigate any further.

The current Ombudsman Mrs Anne Seex agreed to comeback on my second complaint during 2006. This has still not been concluded.

17 years (Ombudsmen involved
for the last 11 years) and I am still waiting for the problems [2] that began in the early 90's to be resolved.

[1] That the roadway adjacent to my property would be completed without any impact on my property.

[2] Problems created when the council allowed the construction of a new roadway in the wrong [3] position.

[3] Not in the planned, approved or bonded position.

The developer was under a legal obligation to ensure the roadway was adopted by the Council in 1994. This Company was dissolved in 2004. Between 1994 and 2004 the Council took no action against the developer to secure completion of the roadway. During this time they allowed the developer to continue to build and sell houses. The roadway remains unfinished and unadopted. The play area and open spaces remain unadopted. The Council is maintaining the unadopted road to minimise complaints from residents and give the illusion that the roadway has been adopted. Ironically another developer, who was allowed to complete the site, is still maintaining part of the roadway that was adopted in 2005.

Since 2005 we have had the bizarre spectacle of the Council maintaining the unadopted part of a road whilst the developer maintains an adopted part of the road.

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