Tuesday, April 15, 2008

LGO 1974 to 2008

LGO 1974 to 1994
Since 1995
  • all newly appointed Local Government Ombudsmen have been (ex) Local Government Chief Executive Officers.
  • findings of maladministration against their ex colleagues in Local Authorities have plummeted. We now have a situation in which Local Government Ombudsmen report less than 1% of all complaints submitted to them as 'maladministration'.
  • all independent customer satisfaction surveys have shown significant dissatisfaction with Local Government Ombudsmen.
  • the Local Government Ombudsman's office has been morphed into a disrespected, biased and ineffective Local Authority pet poodle.
LGO 1995 to 2008

LGO watch was launched in 2003 to expose the systemic and widespread bias and maladministration in the operations of the
Local Government Ombudsman's office.

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