Friday, April 25, 2008

Another LGO logo

A reader has sent me another logo that the LGO may wish to consider if they ever decide to replace their current one.

With the optional LGO catch phrases:
  • We're too chicken to do our job properly.
  • We're finger lickin' bad and toe curlin' perverse.
  • Why did the Ombudsman cross the road? So they couldn't see the evidence!
  • We make a Cock-up of everything we touch.
  • We fly in the face of logic.
  • Why did the Ombudsman cross the road? Because the Council told them to.
  • We are fowl.
  • Why did the Ombudsman cross the road? They never give a reason.
And a fitting quote by John Cleese: 'This Chicken is no more. It has ceased to function. Bereft of life, it rests in peace. It's a stiff. If it wasn't nailed to the road it'd be pushing up daisies. It's snuffed it. It's metabolic processes are now history. It's bleeding demised. It's rung down the curtain, shuffled off the mortal coil and joined the bleeding Choir Invisible. This is an Ex-Chicken. Ergo, it did not cross the road.'

Please send me your LGO-LOGO suggestions.

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