Friday, April 04, 2008

Local Authority Despotism

A Court of Star Chamber was established in 1487 by Henry VII as an instrument of royal power. The power of the Court of Star Chamber grew considerably and by the time of Charles I it had become a byword for misuse and abuse of power by the king and his circle. The court could be used to suppress opposition to royal policies. Court sessions were held in secret, with no right of appeal. It used simplified methods of effecting justice by which the common law rules were dispensed with. It was a hated symbol of royal despotism and finally abolished by Parliament in 1641, though its name survives still to designate arbitrary, secretive proceedings in opposition to personal rights.

Local Government Ombudsmen were established by the Government in 1974. UK Local Government Ombudsmen also use simplified methods of effecting justice by which common law rules are dispensed with, they work in private and there is no right of appeal. As a result they are becoming a hated symbol of local government despotism. Local Government Ombudsmen are nothing more than a modern version of a Court of Star Chamber, set up by government to suppress complaints about local government.

Since 1995
  • all Local Government Ombudsmen have been recruited from Local Government.
  • investigations leading to a report finding maladministration against a council have fallen to an all time low.
  • all independent customer satisfaction surveys have revealed significant customer dissatisfaction with Local Government Ombudsmen.
Local Government Ombudsmen
An administrative justice system heavily biased against the citizen!

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