Thursday, April 24, 2008

Oldham Council

Councils, when they're not running dodgy parking enforcement schemes or committing acts of maladministration they are busy wasting council taxpayers money on stupid re-branding exercises. Oldham Council is the most recent of a long line of council who have wasted vast sums of money on re-branding. Read the story here and here.

I am sure you will agree it was well worth £100,000 of Oldham council taxpayers money, NOT.

The leader of Oldham Council, Councillor David Jones, said: “This rebranding project has been a wake-up call for Oldham to start thinking and acting more positively about its future."

I think it's about time Oldham council tax payers woke-up and voted the people responsible out of office. If anyone is wondering why I mention this issue on my blog it's for the simple reason that my Grandfather and Mother were born in Oldham and I am still waiting for the Ombudsman's final report so I can get on with it.

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