Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This is like deja vu all over again

After 17 years experience of Local Authority Maladministration and 11 years experience of the Local Government Ombudsman there is one recurring theme that stands out head and shoulders above the rest: The limited number of tactics that the Council and the Ombudsmen use to derail your complaint.

Therefore, if your complaint takes more than a few months I guarantee that you will experience these same old tactics over and over and over and over again. Here's the top ten!
  1. Delay (This is their favourite tactic[a])
  2. Allowing the Council to break their promises.
  3. Accepting anything the Council assert whilst ignoring anything the complainant states.
  4. Ignoring or misrepresenting evidence that supports the complainant’s case.
  5. Accepting and bolstering evidence that's irrelevant but superficially appears to improve the Council’s case.
  6. Misinterpreting statutory powers in a way to enhance the Councils defence whilst damaging the complainants case.
  7. Manipulating expert evidence to support the Council’s case and damage the Complainants case.
  8. Producing evidence and fallacious arguments for the Council to save them the time and trouble.
  9. Moving the goal posts to improve the councils position and damage the complainants case.
  10. Ignoring part of the complaint altogether.
[a] This is their favourite tactic because all complaints are time limited. Therefore, delay favours the Council (and the Local Government Ombudsman). People move house, die, get fed up, move on, give up etc. Local Authorities are even on record stating that delay is beneficial to them.

11 years to resolve a case that should have been resolved in a few weeks is an example of the Local Government Ombudsman's willingness to use delaying tactics.

So if the Local Government Ombudsman can't derail your complaint the first time they will try and try again until they succeed or delay the complaint long enough to extinguish it on other grounds [a]. Unless of course you are one of the lucky ones they have chosen to advance their evangelical agenda.

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