Saturday, April 19, 2008

Card tricks

By way of analogy, consider yourself in a card game against the Council with the Ombudsman as the dealer. The Ombudsman shows all your cards to the Council whilst refusing to show you any of their cards. The Ombudsman then has a private discussion (or discussions) with the Council on the best way of beating your hand. The Ombudsman then gives extra cards and chips to the Council to improve their position whilst forcing you to stick with what you started with. Once they think they have stacked the game against you (this may take some time because they may also need to find a way to undermine your position as well as improve theirs) they show their hand with the expectation that the Council, with the Ombudsman's help, will win the game.

Does anyone stand a chance of winning such a rigged game? Surprisingly the answer to that is yes, providing you know from the outset what they are attempting to do.

However, if you want the 'nuts' [1] you will need to do a little DIY LGO.
(please refer to my earlier post)

[1] The absolute best possible hand in any given hand of poker. The unbeatable, unbreakable hand.

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