Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Torfaen petition

The reason I think this petition is important is because it highlights the difference between what Public Service Ombudsmen consider is redress and what a complainant wants as redress. In this case the Welsh Ombudsman awarded £500 compensation when it's quite clear the complainant just wanted someone to be held accountable for the injustice they suffered.
100. I recommend that the Council should apologise to the J family for the shortcomings set out in this report, and pay them the sum of £500 in recognition of their distress at the unfair treatment they have received.

£500 is a paltry level of compensation for what the family had to endure. £500 does not redress the situation it just adds insult to injury. It is clear from the petition that the family want heads to roll not a pat on the head and £500 pay off. I appreciate that the petition has no hope of success because the Government do not have the power to remove a CEO. However, it's not the success or failure of the petition that's important , it's the message it send MPs, Councillors and Local & National Government. People have had enough of rolling over for Public Service Ombudsmen and their paltry awards of compensation they want real justice and they are prepared to fight for it. Well done Wendy Williams for submitting the petition.

If you want to support Wendy and send a clear message to Government that we have had enough of pathetic Public Service Ombudsmen (Local Government Ombudsman in England) you can help by signing her petition here. When you have done that check out the other petitions about UK Ombudsmen here.

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