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Triplemal: Maladministration perpetrated by Ombudsmen when, in order to protect their own unaccountable, biased and impotent position, prefer to turn a blind eye to doublemal [3] rather than expose it and themselves to public scrutiny.

Here's an example of what I mean,

Bradford Metropolitan District Council: Report of the Strategic Director Regeneration and the Strategic Director Corporate Services to the meeting of st the Regulatory and Appeals Committee to be held on 1 August 2007. This report was about a Local Government Ombudsman investigation. (Mrs Seex, York office)

In the report the Council reiterated what everyone should know, especially an Ombudsman!

7.4 Human Rights Act

The Council must take account of the rights of property holders to enjoy or make beneficial use of their property, balance against any overriding need to restrict such rights in the overall public interest.

In my case, however, Cheshire County Council did not take account of my rights to enjoy or make beneficial use of my property [1]. Neither did they have an argument to restrict my rights in the overall public interest [2]. In my case it was all about 'doublemal', a public authority trying to maladminister their way out of a problem that a public authority had previously maladministered their way into.

[1] When they decided not to move the planned highway knowing that it was in the wrong position and if completed it would have a serious impact on my property.

[2] If Cheshire County Council had a public interest case they would be able to compulsory purchase the necessary land to complete the road. It's all about saving the cost of remedying an earlier act of maladministration. Trafford, Tynedale, Basildon are three other examples of councils refusing to suffer the consequences of their own incompetence and maladministration, there are many more.

[3] Doublemal: A public authority maladministering their way out of a problem that they, or another public authority, had previously been found guilty of maladministering their way into.

Yet, 6 years after I complained about Cheshire County Council attempting to maladminister (doublemal) their way out of a problem that Vale Royal Borough Council maladministered their way into between 1991 and 1997 we are still in the position of having an Ombudsman trying to find a way out of the problem for the Council rather than admit they are guilty of doublemal and doing something about it.

So as far as I am concerned I been suffering from triplemal ever since I submitted my second complaint (about doublemal) to the Ombudsman in 2002.

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