Wednesday, June 25, 2008


It's been now been 6 years and 3 months since I submitted my second complaint, 2 years and 3 months since the Local Government Ombudsman started to investigate it, 8 months since I received their provisional report and 3 months since I received their draft report. The problem started over 17 years ago and my first complaint was submitted to them 11 years ago.

I shouldn't grumble because at least I was promised my complaint would receive some priority. I just pity the people who aren't receiving such preferential treatment as myself, for goodness knows how long they would be expected to wait.

When will I receive a final determination from the Local Government Ombudsman regarding my 2002 complaint? Who knows?

When will I receive the imminent letter from the Council the Local Government Ombudsman told me to expect 3 months ago? Who knows?

It would appear that Local Government Ombudsmen have have their own definition for words such as priority and imminent and unfortunately I only have access to an English dictionary. Therefore, 'Ombudspeak' remains a mystery to me, as does Klingon.

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