Sunday, June 01, 2008

Question for the Ombudsman

Delay! I was told by an investigator that the Ombudsman's provisional report (into my 2002 complaint) was nearly ready in February 2007 yet it took them a further 9 months to send me a copy (received November 2007).

More delay! It then took them another 4 months to send me a copy of their draft report (received March the 25th 2008).

Even more delay! Although I responded to that report within 2 days I am still waiting for the Ombudsman's final determination (or report) into my 2002 complaint.

February 2007 to June 2008, A total of 16 months delay, yet the Ombudsman does not accept that they are responsible for any delay. Question for the Ombudsman, then just who is responsible for the delay?

Looks like they use the same logic as they do when they say a Council is not guilty of maladministration!

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