Friday, June 27, 2008

The truth about Local Government Ombudsmen 2

On their web-site Local Government Ombudsmen state:

It is an independent, impartial and free service.

However, their marketing hype is not a true reflection of the reality of the situation.

All three Local Government Ombudsmen were Council Chief Executive Officers before becoming Local Government Ombudsmen. In fact none of them have ever had a job outside Local Government. In addition, they were all recruited and chosen by the Secretary of State who has responsibility for Local Government. That means they were actually given their job by the very person who would be seriously embarrassed if a Local Government Ombudsman ever allowed the true levels of Local Authority maladministration to
become public knowledge.

In addition the LGO service costs the taxpayer over £12 million, so although it's free at source their suggestion that it's a free service is a bit like saying that Local Councils provide a free service because they are paid by the taxpayer. Do you believe that any Local Authority provides a free service?

Therefore, a more accurate statement would be, even though we know it's not true, we want others to believe our spin about being an independent, impartial and free service.

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