Friday, June 20, 2008

You won't believe it 3!

In my case the council and the ombudsman have delayed, delayed and delayed. (I think they are waiting for me to move or die.) However, when I complained about the unwarranted delays the Ombudsman's office argued that I had actually been the cause of the delay because I wouldn't allow the council to complete the works which would have infringed my legal and human rights.

Yes I know it's difficult to believe but the Ombudsman's office is actually arguing that if I hadn't stopped the County Council infringing my legal and human rights, in other words if I had let the County Council stuff me in 2001,
there would have been no delay.

A bit like blaming the victim of rape for prolonging the attack because they tried to stop the rapist having their evil way with them.

Yet another example of the perverse reasoning of Local Government Ombudsmen.

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