Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another petition

This petition highlights three of the main problems with ombudsmen and most other public authority complaints system.
  1. No accountability.
  2. Failure to hold others to account for their actions.
  3. No power to enforce recommendations.
We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to build full accountability and the need for enforceable outcomes, into Tribunals, Ombudsmen, Information Commissioner, Healthcare Commission, and all complaints systems - no matter how badly they are currently run - under local government and national government control. No matter what any Ombudsman, Information Commissioner, Healthcare Commission say, they can be ignored, by those who have damaged people, (in the case of my father, killed people). They and all other local and national civil servants, need to be brought into line by being legally forced to act, with no corruption, in a way which will be legally enforceable. As an example: Local Authority Complaints systems are run, solely by the same Local Authority. Is it any wonder they don't work? Charlotte Peters Rock

To sign the petition please click here

To read more about the story behind the petition please click here

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