Friday, July 11, 2008

A conundrum 2

During a meeting in November 2006 an investigator told me that my land was only worth £20 a square metre. I initially found this remark perplexing for a a couple of reasons.
  • They had already asserted that the council didn't need any of my land so why were they attempting to value it?
  • I had previously sold a few small parcels of my land to various neighbours for hundreds of pounds a square metre.
I decided to play their game and asked how they had arrived at such a low valuation and received a most illogical answer. Farming land in Yorkshire was only worth £20 a square metre I was told. The problem was that I live in Cheshire and my land is, as is the adjacent land, classed as development land and is actually worth more than ten times as much.

As I have said before never believe anything an LGO investigator tells you. Check it out for yourself.

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