Saturday, July 12, 2008

Views of the CLAE 1

CLAE: Commission for Local Administration in England. Better known as the Local Government Ombudsman.

A complainant's view of the CLAE: An unaccountable and significantly biased pseudo judicial quango that's controlled by a government minister approved cabal of ex-local authority chief executive officers. A group that has, over the last few years, systematically reduced the chance of a citizen obtaining an appropriate level of redress, for the injustice they have suffered through local authority maladministration, to almost zero.

Government's view of the CLAE: A statutory quasi judicial body used to give citizen's the misleading impression that an effective system of administrative justice exists in England.

Local Authorities view of the CLAE: A statutory
quasi judicial body to which our minister has appointed our friends and ex colleagues, who now, for our mutual benefit
  1. hides the true level of our maladministration from the citizen's of this country.
  2. significantly reduces the chance of us, or our minister, from having to face the consequences of our incompetence, maladministration and wrongdoings.

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