Saturday, July 19, 2008

Freedom of Information

We decided to try out the new What Do They Know website today with the following requests.

I have duplicated the requests below but also added information about our case in blue. Let's see how the answers from the LGO compare with ours. We would not be surprised to find that someone has been waiting even longer than we have.

Which complaint has remained unresolved for the longest period of time? (Ours is over 11 years old but they keep changing the complaint numbers to hide the problem)

What was the reason for the delay? (Incompetence, impotence and bias)

What was the subject of the complaint? (Highways)

Which Ombudsman/Ombudsmen were involved? (Was Pat Thomas now Anne Seex, York Office)


What was/is the longest period of time a complainant has had to wait for a remedy promised to an Ombudsman by a Council, as a result of a finding of maladministration by the said Ombudsman, to be implemented? (The Council promised the then Ombudsman a remedy in January 1999 following their investigation into our 1997 complaint. Even though Pat Thomas found them gulty of maladministration we are still waiting for the promised remedy to be implemented.)

What was the reason for the delay? (Incompetence, impotence and bias.)

Which Ombudsman/Ombudsmen were/are involved? (Was Pat Thomas now Anne Seex, York Office.)

Read our on-line Freedom Of Information submission together with their response, when received, here and here.

Read about other Local Government Ombudsman Freedom Of Information requests here.

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