Thursday, July 10, 2008

The great LGO doughnut war!

Rather than trying to improve local authorities, as a means of generating greater citizen participation in local elections, Hazel Blears intends to give councils the statutory power to bribe voters with the offer of, among other things, a free doughnut.

With Ministers as stupid as ours this doughnut strategy could actually become the norm. Why bother trying to improve a public authority at all when all you have to do is empower them to offer free doughnuts.

At the moment the Law Commission are busy trying to destroy any legal alternative for administrative redress so people will be forced to use the Local Government Ombudsmen. However, if they were as 'bright' as Hazel all they had to do was empower the Ombudsmen to offer more doughnuts than the courts.

Local Government Ombudsmen, the hole in the administrative justice system.

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