Thursday, July 17, 2008

News Story?

In the LGO's recent News Story regarding annual letters they state:

...but overall complaints received showed a small drop from 18,320 to 17,628. The LGOs say this may signal improvements in service delivery and better complaints handling by local authorities.

The LGO are entitled to their opinion, however, I think there is a better explanation. It's because they are totally ineffective in what they do and people are starting to get the message. It's all down to customer service, dissatisfied customers tell friends to avoid organisations like theirs. The truth is out and the only thing that can save the LGO is if the government keep expanding their portfolio faster than complainants desert them. Is that the band I hear playing?

Please refer to my earlier posting. The figure of 17,628 includes many double counted complaints so the LGO is actually masking the truth. For all we know there could have been a substantial reduction in submitted complaints but when they count them as often as they like who knows the truth? What about an independent audit?

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