Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The one minute Ombudsman

The following is my attempt to prove that my complaint could be understood by the average person in less than a minute.

In June 1997 the Borough Council threatened to complete a road in such a way that it would impact on my property. I complained to the LGO. The LGO issued a report. As a result the Council promised the LGO that the road would be completed without any impact on my property. The County Council took over responsibility for the road in 1999. During 2001 they tried to complete it in such a way that it would impact on my property. The County Council's actions also entrenched the position of the road making it impossible for the road to be completed without it impacting on my property. During 2002 I submitted a second complaint to the LGO. 7 years later and I am still waiting for the County Council to give me a copy of the plans which would prove that the completion of the road would not have any impact on my property or be told what specific statutory power gives them the legal authority to interfere with my property rights. Failure to do so is an infringement of my Human Rights under Article one of protocol one. After 11 years involvement (6 years since my second complaint) the LGO has still shown no interest in accepting this basic fact nor in determining my complaint. Unsurprisingly, however, they have spent the last 11 years trying to get the Councils out of their self created difficulties.

Did you manage it in less than a minute or do you want 11 years (and counting) like the Local Government Ombudsman?

PS, now for the punch line: The County Council even told the LGO during the first investigation that it would be impossible to complete the road in it's current position without it impacting on my property. In addition they even produced a plan to move the road but discounted that option when they couldn't get the developer's insurance company to pay for it.

In essence, just like many other Councils, they are just trying to maladministering their way out of a problem they maladministered their way into just to save the cost of any remedial action. However, it's a bit much when a Local Government Ombudsman helps them by turning a blind eye to ongoing maladministration.

The question is what motivates Local Government Ombudsmen
to spend years trying to help Councils out of their self created difficulties rather than the few minutes it would take to do their job properly?

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